The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently Vol. 5

Q8S2SX1442140498It’s been a while and I’ve missed you! A lot has happened to me these past weeks – majority were very very very very good happenings while others were just a little bit disheartening. Yep, ‘disheartening’ is the exact word for it. Anyways I’m so over those shit just because we had the AWESOMEst vacation (I don’t want to say EVERRR!! – cause every vacation with my Bes are the best but..) EEVVEERRRRR!!

WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!! We’re sooo happy – like in cloud 9 – happy!!! 🙂 A million THANKS goes out to all those who greeted and wished us well ~ We luv you guys!! 🙂

I am now a fiancée – never in my wildest dream I’ll ever experience such a sweet, romantic, perfect surprise! My Bes is the best!

boracay engagement

I have missed writing some of my Everyday Favorites so here goes another volume of my Sunday Currently.


Looking For Alaska by John Green. Started  reading this on the plane back to Manila early this morning and boy, I can not stop reading it! Pudge reminds me of my Bes – I don’t know why.  Bookwhore review soon, watch out for it! 🙂


This post. Later I’ll be queueing two book reviews I’ve read the past weekends and then some more. 🙂


Beneath your Beautiful by Labrinth feat. Emeli Sandé.


None as of the moment although we plan on watching Fear of the Walking Dead later this evening. Hoping it turns out good as its sequel – The Walking Dead.


What would be a good music for our wedding and what we will eat tomorrowcause I’m still on VL yehey!!


The rain. I miss the sunshine and the ocean – it hurts.


I can go back in time to be able to lie in the sand all day. No responsibilities, no care in the world. (insert #vacayHANGOVER)


I won’t have such a busy week so I can go home next weekend to see my family.


Skull print tank top and violet shorts. I miss beachwear so bad..and the sun and the sea..the ocean breeze..the sand oohh the sand..


Our travel photos — got a whole bunch! And of course, “the Engagement Ring”. It’s so beautiful just like our shooting star 🙂


To get a full rest tomorrow before going back to hectic workweek starting Tuesday. I’ve been on VL since Wednesday last week so yeah, work emails ~ Ugh!


A flourescent light. My skin color needs to go back to how it was but then again I love my tan or sunburnt or whatever haha.




Nothing at the moment just some random FB posts/IG feed. fifi_lapin and nikkireads feeds are my current favorites. Do check them out 🙂

The Sunday Currently is a link up by Siddathornthon. 

Sending you cat hugs from across the web. Till next time! 🙂


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