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Friday's 10 Happy Things

Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 6

Christmas Tree

I’ve been away from writing for far too long and from my weekly favorites. This one is a little bit late, well hey it’s better late than none at all right? This week has been very very good and here are the reasons:

  1. We’re finally proud parents – Proud parents to this bundle of fur! ūüôā Haru-kun (boy) and Aki-chan (girl) are 3-mos old kitties who brightens up our day and gives us overflowing kitty purrs and love! ¬†I now have two reasons to wake up early ¬†and come home early from work – cause of playing, feeding time, litter box cleaning duties and cuddles (lots of it!). They’re my Christmas gift to my Bes as he loves siamese¬†cats¬†and always wanted to adopt. It’s love at first sight with this babies and it’s been five days already since we adopted them yet we still can’t get enough of our twins – Haru the destroyer and Aki the hyper are just way too adorable. (sorry for the quality of the photo, the lights were turned off cause they’re asleep).


  1. I’m much better now and fully recovered from the ¬†surgery I had a month ago. I had laporoscopy procedure last Nov. 4 due to gall stones. I don’t have a gall bladder anymore so that means no more pork chops and liempo boo! Health is indeed wealth guys therefore take care of your body cause there’s just too many things you don’t want to miss out in life. On top of that – those hospital bills – It’s crazy expensive!
  1. Watching The Walking Dead with the boyfriend. Bonding over exposed guts and zombie eating faces – yep that’s our kind of date night.
  1. Binge listening to Justin Bieber’s Purpose album.
  1. 13th month pay. A blessing and a curse all at the same time.
  1. I’M ON VL TODAY! (Yesterday Рto be exact) 
  1. My first Christmas tree – EVER. Bes kept his promise that we’ll have one this year, the kid in me is oh so happy!
  1. December kicked in and that means my birthday month and the Friday of the year. Synonymous to gift-giving ang long vacation!
  1. Those cold December nights. Cuddles and kisses on a cold night are the sweetest.
  1. I’m back to blogging and reading books and to my other normal routine plus our TWINS.¬†I love life.

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Sending you cat hugs from across the web. Till next time!
Friday's 10 Happy Things

Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 5

CLjAUR1444395779I can’t believe it’s August since I last shared my Friday’s 10 happy things. It’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride this past few weeks but hey, this post is all about the happy things that happened this week so no getting off track!

  1. The‘gift’¬†for my Bes on our 5th Anniversary arrived last Wednesday afternoon and I love it! ¬†I can’t wait to quick blog about it soon.
  1. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms was released last Oct. 6. Must get my hands on that collection awaiting paperback version.
  1. Petting¬†stray cats¬†in Greenbelt and there’s too many. ¬†Can’t get enough of this mommy cat right here.
  1. I’m quite happy we finished watching the first season of¬†Fear the Walking Dead. I’m happy that it ended already. I don’t really like it, Bes is the only one who likes to watch it.
  1. Binge listening to¬†Madonna’s “Something to Remember” album. In my opinion this is her best one.
  1. I’M ON VL TODAY!!¬†
  1. This work week has been very productive despite doing overtime until 12mn yesterday.
  1. Spontaneous dinner date just because.
  1. It’s our¬†5th Anniversary¬†tomorrow and we can’t wait to celebrate it.
  1. More wedding planning /booking stuff. Praying that money grows from trees. Why is it that the first step to happily ever after must be so damn expensive!?!

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Sending you cat hugs from across the web. Till next time! ūüôā
Friday's 10 Happy Things

Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 3

fridays july 24 newThis is a little bit late I know and the reason – I got caught up at my full time job just when I said I’ll always go home early to make time for my blog. Enough with being blue coz’ hey it’s Fri-yay so here goes my 10 Happy Things this week. Better late than never! ūüôā

1. Got to sleep 8 to 10 hours last weekend and was able to get few catnaps during the day. Yehey to long weekends! Let’s submit a petition to the government to make it four work days instead if five in a week. Knock knock Pnoy!

2. Getting a foot massage from the boyfriend.

3. Monggo for lunch. Healthy, yummy and it’s free. Perks of my job – I so love.

4. Outlining and queuing my blog topics for next week. What I need now is time to write all of it.

5. Subscribing to Spotify Premium. I encourage all of you to pay for your music. Just Php 129.00 per month.

6. Being able to accomplish six important work-related tasks this week. Believe it or not, finishing work before the given deadline makes me happy.

7. Movie nights with the boyfriend.

8.¬†Licking my boyfriend’s ear. I know I know it’s gross but he hates it so much and he makes the most ridiculous face when I do it. I love annoying him, it makes me so happy.

9. My sister told me about this new TV show which I can’t wait to watch. I’ll post it here once I finished the first season. ūüôā

10. Surviving the week with just Php 300.00 in my wallet.

There you go, hope you had a good week also! Till next time ūüôā

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Friday's 10 Happy Things

Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 2

Friday July 10

Hi there boys and girls! Sharing all the good vibes to you people! Here it goes. ūüôā

1. It’s Friday¬†today –finally! Nothing can ever top that TGIF feeling right?

2. Cuddle weather equals tight hugs and sweet kisses. We need more Saturdays and Sundays for that 24/7 lambingan moments.  <3

3. Latest OTy-ing at work is until 7:30PM. An improvement on my usual overtime of until 8-9PM. Note to self: I need to have more time in writing my blog entries so I intend/must cut overtime work.

4. Sinigang na baboy for lunch last Monday. My only¬†favorite ulam in the whole wide world! Our cafeteria serves this and what’s best? It’s free lunch! Yehey!

5. Sleep is so darn fine lately, this cold weather you gotta love but not the storm.

6. Progress with coldtruethoughts. I love that I was able to update all the links, fixed my pages, sidebars, widgets, categories etc. My blog is slowly becoming me. I’m open to suggestions and comments about my page so please do so ūüôā

7. It’s our 57th monthsary today. Yes, we do celebrate monthsaries cause we are the sweetest couple ever! No kidding – like I get the prettiest flowers every 10th of the month so there.

8. Finding out that my nephew‘s not sick anymore and he’s back to his naughty and loud self again. I miss kissing this big bundle of joy!

9. Snow finally got that tempered glass screen and extra durable red bumper¬†(to match Myew)¬†with a¬†transparent back casing. They costs fortune but both are with long time warranties and will really protect my new toy so I’m happy. Money not wasted.

10. Finding out that it’s a HOLIDAY next Friday.

There you go, hope you had a good week also! Till next time ūüôā

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