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My Bes Wednesdays

My Bes Wednesdays : World of Tanks vs the Mighty Girlfriend Vol. 4

my bes wednesdays

All ready for the fourth edition of My Bes Wednesdays. Listed here are some of the fun stuff the boyfriend and I did this past days/week. Of course, this includes all the mushiness, so please excuse all our lovey-dovey-thingy. True love exists you know. <3

1. Cooked tinola for the boyfriend last Sunday cause he requested for it. Ubos in just one sitting! 🙂

2. Him agreeing to watch Magic Mike XXL with me as long as it’s still showing in Greenbelt 3 this Saturday. Best boyfriend evverrr right here LOL.

3. One night while tuning into E’s Richkids of Beverly Hills.

Me : Are we seriously watching this show?

Him: Uh-uh. I don’t know why but yeah we’re watching it.

Me: Patayin mo na nga please. (then focusing on my laptop)

Him: (after 3-minutes) **still watching the show intently**

Yep, he is weird sometimes but I love him sooo much nonetheless haha.

4. Watched Penny Dreadful series episodes (Rating : 10* +++).

Forgive our beach photos but we just can’t wait! We need Vitamin sea ASAP! Check out my post about Boracay here – TRAVEL PHILIPPINES : BORACAY

Sending you cat hugs from across the web. Till’ next time! 🙂


Life in General

Why I chose Cold.True.Thoughts?

coldtruethoughts day2

I am so sorry to be flooding your walls or faces with my blog posts but I am secretly hoping you find time to read it though. Please do give me some love. 🙂  I’ll be sharing a story with you about my domain name  – why i chose ColdTrueThoughts? and why i’m sticking with it.

Cold – Way back in my teen years up until maybe around early 20’s, I found myself to be a grand introvert. No friends to back me up, always reserved, and gets by with a good music to accompany me everyday. It seems like if the world finds you unattractive no one really wants to be your friend. This was what I thought back then – which is why I turned to writing. I’ve always found solace in words, music and books. It all felt like swimming in your own world and never minding the real stuff going on around you is just fine. Then, I introduced myself to Tumblr – a place where I can relay to the world all that I was feeling. The first word that came to my mind when thinking of a blog name was “cold” – signifying all the sadness in the world. Just what I felt back then. A little emo I know.

Excerpts from my previous page —

cold 2

True – Whenever I express my most deepest thoughts, whether it’s about happiness or otherwise, I always make sure that it should always be the truth. Much like this.


Thoughts – I found that writing is all about the thoughts that you have, where else wold you get the ideas? But what’s more important is how you express it into words and how you convey it to your readers. You must be willing to open up and be brave enough to say what you’re thinking and feeling.


thoughts 2

There you go, the reasons why I chose coldtruethoughts. I’m sure all bloggers out there have their own reasons for picking their domain names, your reasons might be simpler or complex than mine but it sure is interesting to know why – so please leave a comment why/how you chose your domain name 🙂

Thanks for sticking around, till next time!


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