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Friday's 10 Happy Things

Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 3

fridays july 24 newThis is a little bit late I know and the reason – I got caught up at my full time job just when I said I’ll always go home early to make time for my blog. Enough with being blue coz’ hey it’s Fri-yay so here goes my 10 Happy Things this week. Better late than never! 🙂

1. Got to sleep 8 to 10 hours last weekend and was able to get few catnaps during the day. Yehey to long weekends! Let’s submit a petition to the government to make it four work days instead if five in a week. Knock knock Pnoy!

2. Getting a foot massage from the boyfriend.

3. Monggo for lunch. Healthy, yummy and it’s free. Perks of my job – I so love.

4. Outlining and queuing my blog topics for next week. What I need now is time to write all of it.

5. Subscribing to Spotify Premium. I encourage all of you to pay for your music. Just Php 129.00 per month.

6. Being able to accomplish six important work-related tasks this week. Believe it or not, finishing work before the given deadline makes me happy.

7. Movie nights with the boyfriend.

8. Licking my boyfriend’s ear. I know I know it’s gross but he hates it so much and he makes the most ridiculous face when I do it. I love annoying him, it makes me so happy.

9. My sister told me about this new TV show which I can’t wait to watch. I’ll post it here once I finished the first season. 🙂

10. Surviving the week with just Php 300.00 in my wallet.

There you go, hope you had a good week also! Till next time 🙂

Thank you to this link-up by Helga – Ditz Revolution.

Ditz Revolution
My Bes Wednesdays

My Bes Wednesdays : World of Tanks vs the Mighty Girlfriend Vol. 2

my besHey there! I’m back with my second edition of My Bes Wednesdays. I’ll share with you some of the fun stuff the boyfriend and I did this past days/week. Of course, this includes all the mushiness, so please excuse all our lovey-dovey-thingy. True love exists you know. <3

1. Having a saturdate with Bes’s family. Terminator Genisys equals two thumbs up. 🙂

2. Him calling you at work just to check on you at the exact time you needed to hear his voice the most. Sweet stuff right there. Telepathy works.

3. One evening around 11:30PM. Him playing WOT and me working on my blog.

Me : Bes, let’s sleep it’s late.

Him: Ok, one last round.

after 20 mins.

Me: Bes it’s almost midnight, i’m so sleepy.

Him: Shutting down the PC na.

I went to the bedroom to find out that all our air dried clothes were scattered in the bed.

Me: So we’re going to sleep with all of this? Grrr..fix that. Puro kasi laro ano oras na! (angry tone).

Him: **wide grin**

I hate World of Tanks.

4. Watching five of the top anime movies with you even if two of those you’ve both watched already. What’s best is that he likes all of it and he trusts your (anime) movie choices. (we are both anime fans)

By the way, the photo above was taken from El Nido, Palawan, it’s just so damn awesome there so please visit El Nido. We will be going to Boracay (for the 5th time) in a few weeks time that’s why I’m very inspired to posts some of our travel photos. We’re so excited and we can’t wait anymore for this trip!  Check out my post about Boracay here – TRAVEL PHILIPPINES : BORACAY

Thanks for dropping by, till next week!

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