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A love letter to my significant other.

rsz_ov26aomumiThere are many things in my past I am not proud of, oh there’s just too many! I’ve cursed, I’ve lied, I’ve even pretended to be someone I am not. I’ve been bad in so many ways and made all the wrong decisions. One day you came along and from then…life began to take on a different meaning. I simply am – happy.

Whenever I express fear or disappointments you are always there to reassure that all of it will pass. You always find a way to let me know that I am strong when all else fails. We argue sometimes but we manage to end it in hugs and smiles.  You know all my quirks and somehow you find it normal. You remained a gentleman and always faithful to me. We share the love for adventures and cats and beach and books and couch and pizza and so many others yet we still learn new things about each other everyday.

I treasure every moments I spend with you.

The way you look into my eyes when you say “I love you”.

The simple gesture of kissing my hand while we’re walking.

When you let me finish what’s on your plate (because we know that you don’t eat that many).

When you wash the dishes cause you know I hate it.

When we pray at night before sleeping.

When you went down on one knee and popped the question.

I won’t say that you complete me rather know that as a person you are already great – a remarkable man that can take all the challenges this world has to offer. Then when we are together, that’s when we make each other the best version of ourselves.

So with all the years that passed and for many more years to come, know that I’ll keep you my Bes. You granted my wish on that night of the shooting star and you never, not once – faltered from it. I am forever grateful to God for giving me you.

In this irrational world there’s only one simple logic I am certain of. In every day, every minute, in any distance or wherever galaxy we maybe, I am irretrievably, unreasonably, unconditionally, in love with you.

Happy 5th Annivesary Bes. I love you.  🙂


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