My Bes Wednesdays

My Bes Wednesdays : World of Tanks vs the Mighty Girlfriend Vol. 5


Hi there! Welcome to my fifth edition of My Bes Wednesdays. Listed here are some of the fun stuff the boyfriend and I did this past days/week. Of course, this includes all the mushiness, so please excuse all our lovey-dovey-thingy. True love exists you know. <3

1. Doing grocery shopping together, one of our most favorite quality time. I got kiwi and  mangoes, he gets Kitkat. 🙂

2. Coming home late after a very llooonnggg day from work with a home cooked fried pork chop prepared by the boyfriend plus he waits for you just so you could eat together.

3. Conversation one evening while he’s playing WOT:

Him: *cranky voice* Ano ba namang tong mouse na to sira na ata! hindi ako gumagalaw!

Me: Tsk, wag ka na nga maglaro nyan nai-stress ka lang eh.

Him: Hindi naman… **wide smile**

Yep, he de-stress and then stresses out on World of Tanks.

4. Watching this cat video. Cats and kittens (oohhh kittens!!) are LOVE

The sea is calling and we’re so excited for our next trip in very familiar place. Soon..very soon..

In the meantime, check out more of our travel photos and adventures here!

Sending you cat hugs from across the web. Till’ next time! 🙂


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