Monday Blues, Monday Snooze

Monday Blues, Monday Snooze

monday blues july 6It’s that day¬†of the week which I know most of us are dreading. It’s Monday.
Don’t worry, I/we are here to make you feel all better. You’re not alone on your Monday wars. Read on ūüôā

Together with that ughh’s and shit-it’s-monday-again feeling, let me/us share what made us kill that snooze button at ___ o’clock this Monday morning and ask why can’t there be another day between Saturday and Sunday (oh, please let there be). A little rant does not hurt, agree?

Listed below are the top reasons why this day is a little depressing.

1. ¬†Waking up at 7:00AM. People say I don’t have the right to¬†complain since i’m lucky I live near my workplace. Newsflash people: I do complain. It’s not because I’m lazy, it’s because sleeping is my only therapy. I’m sure it’s yours too.

2. Makati is a nice place to live in. But when the heaven opens up its sky and makes way for rain, damn it’s really hard to find a public utility vehicle AKA Jeepney to work. This Monday morning is no exception.

3. Emails. Work emails. No further elaboration needed. – I think this will be a constant on my Monday weekly edition.

4. Getting a really bad news early in the morning. My nephew was rushed¬†to the hospital¬†and there’s no result yet of his lab tests. I’m praying hard he gets better soon.

Hey, a good song can make all those depressing Monday morning feelings go away right? Hoping this one may get you in the mood:

Check this out —¬†How long will I love you – Ellie Goulding

Oh by the way, I had Sinigang na Baboy for lunch. That beats all the other shitty things I felt today. Ktnxbye.

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