Monday Blues, Monday Snooze

Monday Blues, Monday Snooze Vol. 3

Monday Blues, MondaySnooze

It’s that day of the week which I know most of us are dreading. It’s Monday!! Uggh! 
Don’t worry, I am here to make you feel all better coz’ guess what? You’re not alone on your Monday wars! A little rant does not hurt, agree? Read on 🙂

Together with that ughh’s and shit-it’s-monday-again feeling, let me share with you what made me kill that snooze button at ___ o’clock at Monday morning and ask why can’t there be another day between Saturday and Sunday (oh, please let there be?).

Listed below are the top reasons why this day is just a little depressing.

1.  That sudden realization when I opened my eyes this morning that it’s Monday again. Been so focused about blog stuff over the weekend that I forgot to get ready for Monday. I honestly still feel like it’s Sunday.
2. Again- work emails, calls, and never ending work emails.
3. I dunno if its migraine but my head hurts a lot and been hurting since lunchtime. I think it’s because I lack decent amount of sleep.
4. My nephew is sick again and I can’t help at all. Praying he gets better soon. 🙁
Been listening to 90’s boyband music since last week and this has been lifting my mood lately so I want to share the good vibes to all of you. Here’s one one of my favorite songs from the all time coolest boyband eevvveerrr (yes girls, it’s not 1D haha). I swear you would want to sing and dance when this pops into your playlists while commuting. (Yep, my age shows in this post but who cares? LOL).

Sending you cat hugs from across the web. Till next time! 🙂


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