Monday Blues, Monday Snooze

Monday Blues, Monday Snooze Vol. 2

monday snoooze

It’s that day of the week which I know most of us are dreading. It’s Monday!! Uggh! 
Don’t worry, I am here to make you feel all better coz’ guess what? You’re not alone on your Monday wars! A little rant does not hurt, agree? Read on 🙂

Together with that ughh’s and shit-it’s-monday-again feeling, let me share with you what made me kill that snooze button at ___ o’clock at Monday morning and ask why can’t there be another day between Saturday and Sunday (oh, please let there be).

Listed below are the top reasons why this day is just a little depressing.

1.  Had to finish answering and sorting 300++ work emails with all the other four important tasks I needed to complete by the end of the day. I finished it all so good job to me! I deserve a pat on the back.

2. My Bes is not at home so I don’t have someone to make kulit after a long day. I miss him so bad it hurts 🙁

3. Traffic congestion in Makati is getting worse – everyday. Note to Binays : Fix your urban transportation problem and do it fast.

I can only list three today so that means it’s not such a shitty Monday after all as I was able to arrive home at quarter to 8PM so yeah, this is not such a bad day.

Hey, a good song can make all those depressing Monday morning feelings go away right? Hoping this one may get you in the mood. This song is so beautiful and meaningful. Here you go::

 Ed Sheeran – Photograph 

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