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How To Really Know Someone Questions Tag – Volume 1

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I seriously want you guys to get to know me better so I’ve been browsing thru the net thinking of what to write next to better introduce myself to you . I came across Corinth‘s How to Really Know Someone Questions Tag and I found it quite interesting, The series of questions are kinda hard and will make you think before answering them. There are over 100 questions and I will be answering truthfully  seven questions per post, without further ado here it goes:

1. How do you feel about birthdays?

– It should be the most celebrated occasion – it’s your birthday after all! The one day which you can say to the world that “this is my day” and nothing and no one can ruin it! Lucky you if you get to have your birthday on 24th of December (like mine), cause the  rest of the world are celebrating it with you  hehe 🙂

2. Do you believe in fate?

– Yes I do. I believe that all these circumstances were written in the stars. Best to just go with it but still try to make all the right decisions in the now, you don’t know what will happen in the future so still following the right path wouldn’t hurt right?

3. What do you think when a band/artist “sells out”?

–  At one point in our lives we make that decision to sacrifice something we believe in for that greater opportunity just because we need to have a decent way of living. It’s a fault but unfortunately it is a must when the need calls for it so I really can’t blame them.

4. What do you think of fans and fandoms?

– Well I’m a fan of Johnny Depp but I don’t obsess over him. I dunno, I guess it depends on the level of fandom.

5. Any specific personality traits you would like to see in your life partner?

– Someone kind, loving, cute, patient and with a sense of humor. My Bes have all of those and a whole lot more! Lucky me! 🙂

6. Should parents be their child’s friends?

– Yes. This is something I intend to do when I do have child(ren) of my own. I don’t want fear to be the foundation of our relationship. I think that being a friend to your child would strengthen your family ties and would make communication the top priority. I grew up in fear so I turned out quite dysfunctional. I had a hard time communicating with people (still do), I open up to only  a select few and I made a lot of wrong decisions (way back). I don’t blame my parents for it, I respect and love them. I somehow blame myself because I distanced myself from my family- so i guess most of the blame falls on me.

7. What do you think of doctor-assisted suicide?

– A hard one.  I’m praying to never encounter this or with any of my loved ones. I’m not against it but not for it either, I just guess when you’re in that situation your heart will tell you the right thing to do.

All the ‘How to really know someone questions’ can be found at this tumblr post. Thank you guys for sticking around! Feel free to answer the questions above and do leave a comment about it, I would love to hear from you!

Post above inspired by explorewithcorinth‘s How to Really Know Someone Questions Tag. 

Sending you cat hugs from across the web. Till next time! 🙂


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    Da Dominguez
    July 1, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    I was browsing through other bloggers who answered this questions tag and I enjoyed reading yours! Most probably because I could relate with number 6. Haha. If you do have the time, I answered these q’s myself and here’s the link:

    • Reply
      November 12, 2016 at 11:37 am

      Hey Da! Thanks for dropping by! Took a break from the cyberspace cause of wedding preps and work issues hence the late response -_- so sorry! BTW, I love your webpage and your blog name – “The Diary Queen”. 🙂

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