Friday's 10 Happy Things



Hello Friday! We missed you!

Happy mind equals happy heart! Below are the 10 things which made my heart happy this week.

1. I decided to go back to writing and blogging so hey, read away!

2. Able to finish my second book of the year (I promised myself i’ll read 10+ books this year)- The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin – this actually inspired me to go back to blogging. I’ll write a review about this book here soon, watch out for it.

3. Goodnight and good morning kisses with my Bes.

4. BFF Mcdo fries. Yep,I’m one of those unhealthy monsters who loves her fries and coke float on a Saturday afternoon right before eating dinner and while watching reruns of HIMYM.

5. Cleaning the clutter and papers at my work desk. Being organized is very new to me since I’m really your leave-it-anywhere-and-never-store-it-properly kind of gal. Sorting properly does feel nice and helps clear my mind.

6. Celebrating Father’s day with my whole family and giving my mom and dad a couple’s smart phone. They loved it!

7. Kisses and tight hugs from my niece and nephew. My only favorite kids in the world.

8. Getting a hold of my new toy.  Yes it’s an iPhone (I’m a slave of Apple) and it’s a 6. I fell instantly in love..thanks to Globe’s loyalty plan but we still hate your sucky service and FUP.

9. I am now officially a graduate of our Red Shirt Program : Supervisory Track.  When all your hard work pays off   somehow all the stresses and worries go away.

10. Listening to the best romantic movies soundtrack I found in YouTube while writing this post.

Linked up to one of my favorite bloggers, Helga of ditz-revolution. Check her out!

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