Friday's 10 Happy Things

Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 8


**this entry was supposed to be posted last night but WordPress’ server was down or something. so sorry guys!

The last time I posted my Friday’s 10 Happy Things list was last December 25, 2015 –  yes it’s the Christmas of 2015 and it’s been that long! I guess I got caught up with the wedding preps, being a furmom to 2 wonderful kitties, and some other things in between. I’m soo back now so here goes the top 10 things which made me happy this week:

  1. Coming home to Haru cuddles and Aki kisses. Our cats are growing up too fast and with us working 10 hours a day Mon-Fri, we can’t help but shower our furbabies with kisses and cuddles at any chance we get. When we’re lucky, they give back lots of purrs and kiss with their noses. Just so adorable 🙂
  2.  I ate Wendy’s Baconator + Large Iced Tea + Large French Fries + Big Chicken Caesar Salad + Fried Chicken wing part+ Dunkin Donut Boston Kreme last thursday night. That’s Php 500 worth of food all for myself. When craving strikes, it strikes hard LOL!
  3. Entertaining the thought of putting up a small business. Contemplating on  selling organic products and/or ukay ukay. Any suggestion/recommendation from you would be very much appreciated.
  4. Walking Dead series is back and it’s bigger than ever ! American Horror Story Season 6 –  it’s crazy good, the most insane season yet! Watch it people, watch it!
  5. I feel like i’m back on track  –  blogging, taking photos, reading my books, and walking my cats. The past months have been one hell of a ride, a good ride that  is – I changed my last name, landed a new (great) job (which i’m pretty much excited about) and got a new haircut. When i took on all those changes, it gave more focus in life and it seems to equate to being a better adult.
  6. Our wedding photos are ready as per our photo team.  Can’t wait to see all of them and share some with you! 🙂
  7. All into this bob hairtyle and the many ways to style it. Been raping the YouTube and Pinterest search box for ideas. Even bought a curler and blower for my hair, now all i need is the will to wake up earlier than usual to use them haha.
  8.  Came across this video of Obama while browsing articles on why Donald Trump won the US presidental election (why/how did he win anyway?). Obama sure knows how to capture a crowd.
  9. Weekend finally!!
  10. My husband brought home a wheat french bread for our breakfast tomorrow and I got him a whole bunch of fried chicken skin for dinner tonight. Ain’t that sweet? 🙂

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Sending you cat hugs from across the web. Till next time! 🙂

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