Friday's 10 Happy Things

Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 7

Gingerbread ManIt’s Friday and that means it’s now time to list my 10 happy things! Here it goes:

  1. It’s Christmas! A time when we celebrate with the world the birth of our Savior. This the season when we let our worries go away and celebrate the joy of giving and love with the people close to our hearts. MERRY CHRISTMAS, you guys!
  2. I turned 29 yesterday, I’m a day older today -a bit wiser – but always a kid at heart. 🙂
  3. Oh, and it’s my Dad’s birthday also yesterday so it’s Noche Buena + Birthday feast (always been! haha!) Thankful to have a family who’s got my back no matter what.
  4. FullSizeRender (13)My last day of work this year was last Dec. 23. Can life get any better than that? LOL!
  5. Wedding preparations is now moving on spite the hiccup we experienced financially. If you’re following my blog, you know that I’ve been away from writing for too long cause of the major operation I had which costs a hefty amount of money. Right now we’re praying we meet all the required expenses in less than 10 months – scary as hell!! We’re now onto weddding ring hunt and any help would be appreciated for a couple who are on a very tight budget.
  6. Presents!!!! Gifts makes me so happy!DCIM100GOPRO
  7. And this one from my Bes is very unexpected. He sure knows well what i need plus those love notes makes my heart skip a beat everytime <3 image1 (5)
  8. Our twins had their first vet visit last Sunday for general check-up and deworming. So relieved to hear that they’re in good health except for ear mites. They now have their papers and scheduled for vaccine and anti-rabies first week of January.
  9. Star Wars : The Force Awakens date with my Bes and his family. Yep the movie is good guys  – so watch it!
  10. The twin kitties who added color to our lives, no need for TV – they’re all the entertainment we need. My instagram feed is filled with their photos for about a month now and i’m not sorry about that haha! Thinking of setting up their own instagram account as one of my close friend suggested, i’ll be working on it soon. 🙂

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Sending you cat hugs from across the web. Till next time!

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