Friday's 10 Happy Things

Friday’s 10 Happy Things Vol. 2

Friday July 10

Hi there boys and girls! Sharing all the good vibes to you people! Here it goes. ūüôā

1. It’s Friday¬†today –finally! Nothing can ever top that TGIF feeling right?

2. Cuddle weather equals tight hugs and sweet kisses. We need more Saturdays and Sundays for that 24/7 lambingan moments.  <3

3. Latest OTy-ing at work is until 7:30PM. An improvement on my usual overtime of until 8-9PM. Note to self: I need to have more time in writing my blog entries so I intend/must cut overtime work.

4. Sinigang na baboy for lunch last Monday. My only¬†favorite ulam in the whole wide world! Our cafeteria serves this and what’s best? It’s free lunch! Yehey!

5. Sleep is so darn fine lately, this cold weather you gotta love but not the storm.

6. Progress with coldtruethoughts. I love that I was able to update all the links, fixed my pages, sidebars, widgets, categories etc. My blog is slowly becoming me. I’m open to suggestions and comments about my page so please do so ūüôā

7. It’s our 57th monthsary today. Yes, we do celebrate monthsaries cause we are the sweetest couple ever! No kidding – like I get the prettiest flowers every 10th of the month so there.

8. Finding out that my nephew‘s not sick anymore and he’s back to his naughty and loud self again. I miss kissing this big bundle of joy!

9. Snow finally got that tempered glass screen and extra durable red bumper¬†(to match Myew)¬†with a¬†transparent back casing. They costs fortune but both are with long time warranties and will really protect my new toy so I’m happy. Money not wasted.

10. Finding out that it’s a HOLIDAY next Friday.

There you go, hope you had a good week also! Till next time ūüôā

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