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28 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 28 Years

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People are asking, why have you started blogging? What will you blog about? Honestly, I really don’t have an idea. I find this as my platform to let out my personal experiences and everything in between. A collection of my thoughts, ideas, to share with you my love for books, travel, movies, TV shows etc. All about me. I guess this is also where I can improve my writing (yes I’m a frustrated Journ student – aside from being a frustrated broadway actress, maybe that’s why I chose a boyfriend with a degree in Journalism..hmm). I started way back in Tumblr but life caught up with me, so now I’m starting anew.

I’m not a good writer and yes my grammar sucks 85% of the time, but I am up to this! Something to break my everyday routine and maybe, just maybe – rub off some good and interesting insights to all of you.

I joined a 30-day blogging challenge by Ms. Sarah Arrow and this is my first challenge. I decided to go with 28 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 28 Years. Here it goes. 🙂

1. You don’t have to please everybody or anyone. Love yourself and people will admire you more for that. But also learn not to take crap from people who thinks highly of themselves. Their opinion doesn’t matter as long you are not stepping on anyone’s shoes.

2. Appreciate people. Sincerely saying thank you and asking how your weekend was really goes a long way. You will make a person happy and important by doing so.

3. Learn to cook for yourself and your loved ones and have fun while doing it. It’s therapeutic and at the same time it will keep your expenses at bay – not to mention, you will serve the most delicious dish ever!

4. Don’t judge a book by its cover. This saying never really grows old. You can’t truly know a person just by judging the way they dress or if their bags are branded or not. Let’s become the bigger person please.

5. Don’t aim for perfection, aim for happiness every second of the day.

6. Sometimes life would push you into very deep sh*t and you would not  know how to get up/out, but life would always help you bounce back. There’s a Man above who would help you go through every struggle, believe me.

7. Be silly and laugh at yourself. Always.

8. Show appreciation to your mother and father. Be proud of them. They’ve put up with your late night howling when you were a baby and gave up their own wants so that you could go to a decent school. So please stop treating them like they don’t exist and study hard. They won’t ask for an ROI but be generous to them and love them unconditionally, they deserve it more than anyone. They are not perfect but they did give you everything you would ever need.

9. Mothers are always right. Fathers are always brutally honest. Always listen to them and obey them. I can’t reiterate this enough – love them while they’re still around.

10. Your older sister will always bully you, but they will always be your #1 fan. Hey, I don’t have a brother but I’m sure they will also be the same. 🙂

11. Always be open to new challenges and do it with an open mind.

12. Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s never healthy, trust me on this.

13.  Never be too greedy. Always want the things that you have.

14. Chocolate is the best. Indulge sometimes. 🙂

15. Always find the good in people and focus on that. You will learn to love more by doing this.

16. Negativity drowns your youth. Optimism attracts good vibes and beauty. Dwell on it and decide which is best.

17. Heartbreaks are merely an open door for greater love. Wallow on the heartbreak, cry buckets, learn the lesson and then move on. He/she is just around the corner, don’t look down just look forward. Easier said than done I know, but it will happen sooner than you expected.

18. Never lose your kid-at-heart attitude. Dance in the rain and eat that dirty ice cream. Laugh your heart out at the silliest things, be foolish and innocent. Life will be more forgiving.

19.  Dance and sing in the shower, just be careful cause you might trip 🙂

20. A good music can mend just about anything. It will fit in your every mood and will make this world a much better place.

21. Moisturize. Start moisturizing. You will thank me for this.

22. Kiss your special someone on the cheeks and forehead. It’s an instant happy mood booster! Kiss him/her on the cheeks 100 times while you’re at it. You will get a good laugh from it.

23. I can’t perfect this one, but do try to wake up earlier than usual in the morning. Cause as Gretchen Rubin puts it – “the days are long, but the years are short“. We wouldn’t want life to pass us by just like that right?

24. Say “I-Love-You” to him/her without omitting the “I” from it – and please mean it.

25. Greet him/her with a kiss when you wake up and a kiss before saying goodnight.

26. Always agree to disagree on an argument or opinion you can’t really accept. Never force yourself to agree on something you don’t believe in.

27. Travel with no restrictions.

28. Learn to accept your mistakes and own up to it. Saying sorry does not make you less of a person, It builds a good character which in turn leads to respect.

PS: Change is the only constant thing in this world. A cliche’ for some, but it is very important. Accept it and learn to adapt.

Feel free  to comment or share with me your most valued life lessons 🙂 Till next time!

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