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July 2015

My Bes Wednesdays

My Bes Wednesdays : World of Tanks vs the Mighty Girlfriend Vol. 3


Sharing with you my third edition of My Bes Wednesdays. Listed here are some of the fun stuff the boyfriend and I did this past days/week. Of course, this includes all the mushiness, so please excuse all our lovey-dovey-thingy. True love exists you know. <3

1. Surprising me with a Chips Ahoy Chunky when we went grocery shopping last Friday because he knows what is important for me –  a monthly supply of Chips Ahoy Chunky.

2. The boyfriend took me to Fully Booked on our date night and I ended up buying 2 books while he bought none. Sweet.

3. Conversation:

Me : Bes matutulog na ba tayo?

Him: Ok tapusin ko lang tong one round (serious mode kasi natatalo siya).o

Me: Ok hugas mo plato please?

Him: Hey, you wash it.

Me: I don’t like, you wash it or else i’ll uninstall that game!

Him: Grrr..

I love to annoy him when I know that he’s losing the game. I hate World of Tanks.

4. Watched Mortdecai (4*) and Kingsman : The Secret Service (5*). Long weekends and being able to stay up late are the best!

By the way, the photo above was taken from Sky Ranch, Tagaytay. Tagaytay is a place that is very close to our hearts and you will soon know why. <3 We will be going to Boracay (for the 5th time) in a few weeks time that’s why I’m very inspired to posts some of our travel photos. We’re so excited and we can’t wait anymore for this trip!  Check out my post about Boracay here – TRAVEL PHILIPPINES : BORACAY

Thanks for dropping by, till next week!

Monday Blues, Monday Snooze

Monday Blues, Monday Snooze Vol. 2

monday snoooze

It’s that day of the week which I know most of us are dreading. It’s Monday!! Uggh! 
Don’t worry, I am here to make you feel all better coz’ guess what? You’re not alone on your Monday wars! A little rant does not hurt, agree? Read on 🙂

Together with that ughh’s and shit-it’s-monday-again feeling, let me share with you what made me kill that snooze button at ___ o’clock at Monday morning and ask why can’t there be another day between Saturday and Sunday (oh, please let there be).

Listed below are the top reasons why this day is just a little depressing.

1.  Had to finish answering and sorting 300++ work emails with all the other four important tasks I needed to complete by the end of the day. I finished it all so good job to me! I deserve a pat on the back.

2. My Bes is not at home so I don’t have someone to make kulit after a long day. I miss him so bad it hurts 🙁

3. Traffic congestion in Makati is getting worse – everyday. Note to Binays : Fix your urban transportation problem and do it fast.

I can only list three today so that means it’s not such a shitty Monday after all as I was able to arrive home at quarter to 8PM so yeah, this is not such a bad day.

Hey, a good song can make all those depressing Monday morning feelings go away right? Hoping this one may get you in the mood. This song is so beautiful and meaningful. Here you go::

 Ed Sheeran – Photograph 

The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently Vol. 3

sunday july 19

It’s been a while since I updated my Everyday Favorites as life caught up with me and has been kind of wicked this past few days but I’m hanging on. As people would say, If life kicks you in the ass, get your head out of your ass! We do sometimes need to just take it slow and think things through. Enough of me and let’s move to this.

Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. I bought this book last December 2014 and started on a few chapters but did not really liked it so I put it down and somehow forgot about it. I stumbled upon it when i finished the Happiness Project and decided to give it one more try. So far it’s ok.

This post.

John Mayer’s Free Falling. Yep, his rendition is very good.

Of putting up my own mini corner at our tiny apartment which can be my workspace. It can be a space for one or two succulent plants I’ll care for and can be Myew’s desk.

Nothing really.

Monday would be great.

The boyfriend and I could adopt a cat. We need a little furball in the house.

Strawberry print pyjamas and green tank top.

This day – so much as I got to spend it with my family and we’re all complete in one place and everyone is healthy. It’s my eldest sister’s birthday today and to celebrate my dad cooked spaghetti, fried chicken and minatamis na saging. I bought her favorite cake also. I miss them.

To eat all of the Nutella we bought last Friday. I know that we’re not suppose to put it in the fridge but since i really did not like it as a spread, I’m just dipping my finger in the jar every after 10 minutes and eating it on its own. Man! it’s so darn yummy especially when it’s cold! If only I’m not afraid to have diabetes I could finish it in one sitting!.

Another day between Saturday and Sunday.

Sleepy. Waking up at 11:30AM and getting sleepy at this time(currently 10:30PM)? I think my body clock’s messed up.

Blogging for Books and Facebook.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you had a fruitful week and a happy long weekend with your family and special someone 🙂

The Sunday Currently is a blog link-up by Siddathornton.

all about TV shows

Ow c’mon, who doesn’t love ‘Friends’?!’s a Friday night and it’s been one hell of a tough week. You’re just too lazy to open that book that’s been sitting on your shelf for ages. You just want to lie down, watch some TV and laugh your heart out, you know what’s good to watch and what automatically comes to mind? Reruns of one whole season of ‘Friends’ and before you know it you’ve watched two seasons non-stop!

This show always reminds me of the good old days. I was about 9 or 10 years old, my sisters would open the TV at around 7PM or 8PM and we would all watch this show.  I really don’t understand some of the stories and humor back then but the actors are way too funny! I guess I caught this love for TV sitcoms from my sisters. Thanks ates! 🙂

I love each and every episode but I can only list ten episodes out of 236 in here so without further ado, here are my top episodes from each season.

The One with the Blackout (Season 1, Episode 7)

friends episode 1Chandler : You know, on second thought, gum would be perfection.(Thinking) Gum would be perfection? Gum would be perfection. Could have said, gum would be nice, or, I’ll have a stick, but no no no no. For me, gum is perfection. I loathe myself.

The One After the Superbowl (Season 2, Episode 12/13)

friends epi 2

Chandler: All right, one of you guys give me your underwear.

Ross: Oh, no.
Joey: Can’t help you there. I’m not wearing any.
Chandler: How can you not be wearing any underwear?
Joey: Oh, I’m taking heat from the guy in the hot pink thong.

The One Where No One’s Ready (Season 3, Episode 2)

friends 3

Ross: Joey, why can’t you just wear the underwear you’re wearing now?

Joey: Cause I’m not wearing any underwear now.
Ross: Um, okay … then, why do you have to wear underwear tonight?
Joey: Cause it’s a rented tux, okay? I’m not gonna go commando in another man’s fatigues!

The One with the Embryos (Season 4, Episode 12)

friends 4

Ross: All right, we have a tie. Luckily, I have prepared for such an event. (Pulls out flashcards) The Lightning Round!

All: Ohhhh.

Ross: Thirty seconds, all the questions you can answer.
Monica: You guys are dead, I am so good at lightning rounds.
Chandler: I majored in lightning rounds. All right, we’re gonna destroy you.
Monica: Huh, wanna bet?
Chandler: Well, I’m so confused as to what we’ve been doing so far..

The one with all the Thanksgivings (Season 5, Episode 8)

friends 5Monica: Hey, did you get the turkey ba- (Sees the turkey on Joey’s head) Oh, my God, oh my God! Who is that?

Joey: It’s Joey!
Monica: What are you doing? Is that supposed to be funny?
Phoebe: No, it’s not supposed to be funny, it’s supposed to be scary.
Monica: Well get it off!
Joey: I can’t, it’s stuck!
Monica: I don’t care! That turkey has to feed twenty people at my parents’ house and they’re not going to eat it off your head!

The One with the Proposal (Season 6 Episode 24-25)

friends 6

Monica: Chandler, in all my life, I never thought I would be so lucky as to… fall in love with my best… my best… there’s a reason why girls don’t do this!
Chandler: I’ll do it. I thought…Wait, I can do this. I thought that it mattered, what I said or where I said it. Then I realized, the only thing that matters is that you, you make me happier than I ever thought I could be. And if you let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way. Monica, will you marry me?
Monica: Yes.

The One with the Holiday Armadillo (Season 7, Episode 10)

friends 7

Rachel: Wow! It looks like the Easter Bunny’s funeral in here.
Ross: Come on, come on, we’re-we’re-we’re lighting the candles!
Phoebe: Okay, I understand why Superman is here, but why is there a porcupine at the Easter Bunny’s funeral?

The One with the Videotape (Season 8, Episode  4)

friends 8

Ross: Do you have a minute? I’d like to talk to you about something I’m, I’m really uncomfortable talking about.
Joey: Sure. What? About uh, you showering with your mom?
Ross: I actually had a topic in mind! I’m, I’m kinda going through a dry spell, sex wise.
Joey: Whoa, for like months?
Ross: Five to be lying, six.
Joey: Six months? Whoa that’s rough.
Ross: Well, I mean it’s not all bad. I’m learning to appreciate the uh, smaller things in life. Like the sound of a bird and the color of the sky.
Joey: The sky’s blue Ross and I had sex yesterday!

The One with Rachel’s Other Sister (Season 9, Episode 8)

friends 9

Chandler: Look, I may not know alot about babies, but you really think I’m not capable?
Ross: No…you both are equally capable. It’s just that you’re strongest, when you’re together.
Chandler: Ok, so if we both had Emma, and I die she’d have to give her up.
Ross: Sure! Monica would have to give her up.
Joey: I lie better than that right?
Chandler: So…so let me get this straight. So my two friends die, I get Emma, then my wife dies, then Emma the one-tiny-ray-of-hope left in my life, gets taken away from me?!
Phoebe(Clapping): THERE’S your movie!

The One with the Birth Mother (Season 10, Episode 9) 

friends 10

Chandler: But you did like us. And you should. My wife’s an incredible woman. She’s loving and devoted and caring. And don’t tell her I said this but the woman’s always right… I love my wife more than anything in this world. And I… It kills me that I can’t give her a baby… I really want a kid. And when that day finally comes, I’ll learn how to be a good dad. But my wife… she’s already there. She’s a mother… without a baby… Please?

Friends depicted most of our twenty-something struggles. The characters and the story taught us that falling off track is just an opportunity to grow, that relationships aren’t perfect, it answers some of our questions on how it is to become an adult and finding out who and what we wanna be. The show allowed us to find humor in our harsh reality and that friends can be family too and I guess those two are the best part of all.

Just as Monica said on S01E01 : Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You’re gonna love it!

Oh, and who would forget that final scene? When our hearts got broken while that empty apartment were shot and all six keys were left at that kitchen counter table? (with tears rolling down the cheeks)

What’s your most favorite ‘Friends’ episode? 🙂


**script/lines above taken from Crazy for Friends

Life in General

Why I chose Cold.True.Thoughts?

coldtruethoughts day2

I am so sorry to be flooding your walls or faces with my blog posts but I am secretly hoping you find time to read it though. Please do give me some love. 🙂  I’ll be sharing a story with you about my domain name  – why i chose ColdTrueThoughts? and why i’m sticking with it.

Cold – Way back in my teen years up until maybe around early 20’s, I found myself to be a grand introvert. No friends to back me up, always reserved, and gets by with a good music to accompany me everyday. It seems like if the world finds you unattractive no one really wants to be your friend. This was what I thought back then – which is why I turned to writing. I’ve always found solace in words, music and books. It all felt like swimming in your own world and never minding the real stuff going on around you is just fine. Then, I introduced myself to Tumblr – a place where I can relay to the world all that I was feeling. The first word that came to my mind when thinking of a blog name was “cold” – signifying all the sadness in the world. Just what I felt back then. A little emo I know.

Excerpts from my previous page —

cold 2

True – Whenever I express my most deepest thoughts, whether it’s about happiness or otherwise, I always make sure that it should always be the truth. Much like this.


Thoughts – I found that writing is all about the thoughts that you have, where else wold you get the ideas? But what’s more important is how you express it into words and how you convey it to your readers. You must be willing to open up and be brave enough to say what you’re thinking and feeling.


thoughts 2

There you go, the reasons why I chose coldtruethoughts. I’m sure all bloggers out there have their own reasons for picking their domain names, your reasons might be simpler or complex than mine but it sure is interesting to know why – so please leave a comment why/how you chose your domain name 🙂

Thanks for sticking around, till next time!


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